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How to Care for your Lawn during Fall

Welsh Corgi Puppy in Autumn Leaves

Winterize your lawn today!

Early lawn preparedness means that you’ll have less work to do come winter and spring. It’s officially fall, which means that the leaves have started to drop from the trees creating a lovely blanket of yellow and orange on our lawns. We rake them, jump in them, and walk hand in hand down streets covered in them. The falling leaves are surely beautiful, but they’re the perfect indicator that you need to begin winterizing your lawn.

How Can I prepare My Lawn For Winter?

Fall is the best time to plant a new tree or shrub. Before you put your lawn or garden to bed, plant something new! Mid-August to mid-October is an ideal time of year to plant new trees. If you want to be 100% sure if your lawn is in top shape to plant, then use a soil thermometer to measure the soil temperature over a few days. If your soil is consistently 50 degrees or higher then it’s still time to plant!

Pick Up After Your Trees

Rake all of the leaves in your lawn before mowing it one last time. Leaves cover your grass from the sun they could be getting, and can potentially damage your grass and other plants. Be sure to bag them or burn them!

Check Your Trees

Don’t wake up one morning to a broken limb or fallen tree. If you have any dead or dying trees, it’s best to have them removed before storm or snow season. Do you spot any large or rotting limbs? Be sure to cut those down so that they can’t damage your property.

Water and Fertilize

Water your plants and fertilize! Your soil supplies will begin to deplete during the colder seasons. Get them stronger early on by fertilizing them now.

Skid Loading and Small Excavating

At Albaugh and Sons, we offer skid loading and small excavating services for homeowners who are looking for expert help at affordable prices. Do you want to make more space in your yard? Or maybe you want to level it out to make your yard a safer space for your children to run and play. Albaugh and Sons will not only complete the job efficiently but remove any debris or material from the space as well.


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