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Best Kind of Wood for a Wooden Deck

Best Kind of Wood for a Wooden Deck

Here are some wood suggestions we have that you could use for your deck.

The materials you use for different parts of your home will directly influence how durable they are and how long they last. Your deck is no exception, so you’ll have to select the best type of wood when getting decking installed. There are many concerns that can arise for deck owners, such as the expenses decking brings and the potential for pest and moisture damage. Using high-quality wood will keep these concerns to a minimum. Here are some wood suggestions we have that you could use for your deck.


Cedar is a highly popular choice for wooden decks because it’s a sturdy material that also has a resistance against moisture. Also, even though cedar is a fairly soft kind of wood, it’s still not very vulnerable to rotting. It even resists against insects that try to damage it.

A more unique aspect of cedar is how its moisture content alters itself to complement its surrounding environment. This helps a lot for those who live in areas that freeze frequently. Cedar will also not be as prone to cracking or warping when compared to other kinds of wood you can use.


Redwood is another type of soft wood that people use on their outdoor decks. It has a similar level of durability when compared to cedar, and it also shares the resistances to insects, rotting, and moisture.

The resistance originates from redwood’s natural oils, and these oils also contribute to the overall beauty it provides. You can have a deck with an amazing appearance if you select redwood as your decking material. Just be sure you power wash your deck every year and perform staining every few years as well.

Pressure Treated Wood

For many people, pressure treated wood is the choice that is most economically-friendly when building a deck. On top of being among the more affordable options for decking, pressure treated wood is more easily accessible. This decking option doesn’t boast the same stellar appearance as the other two entries we’ve listed, but it comes with great longevity.

Your deck will last for many years if you go with pressure treated wood, as long as you stay on top of maintenance procedures, that is. Just like with redwood decking, you’ll need to do an annual power washing, along with some staining every few years.

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