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5 Best Paint Colors For Your Living Room In 2018

Paint Colors for Your Living Room

New paint colors could be just what your living room needs for an invigorating new look! Here are some great color choices to consider.

Updating the interior of your house is a great way to add value to your home.  The living room can be one of the most comfortable rooms in the house. Even if you love your current décor, sometimes you feel like you just need to change it up.  Changing the colors of the walls is a relatively easy way to add new life to a tired room.

Muted Pastels

Muted pastels are warm and comfortable, which is just the feeling most people want in their comfortable living room.  The delicate pinks, blues, and yellows of the pastel palette pair well with warm neutrals and soft textures (like your comfy couch). While pastels probably wouldn’t work for large expansive walls, they are great as accents.

Inspired By Nature

The inspiration of nature never really goes out of style. The yellows, browns, and greens of the earth tone palette inspire feelings of down-home comfort. They pair well with the rustic accents that continue to be popular, but you can also pair earth tones with floral accents for a fun pop.

Warm Whites

If your living room is already white (it is a common color after all), this might not seem like a trendy color. But the simplicity of white and off-white walls is timeless and they create a clean backdrop to whatever décor you choose. The great benefit of off-white is that there is just enough pigment to keep the walls interesting and 2018 will see an affinity for warmer whites, which pairs nicely with strong contrast décor.

The Moody Hues

Dark, rich colors have long been popular accent colors and will continue to be. There is also a huge variety of colors available, such as deep indigo or rich turquoise, that you can work into any decorating scheme. Working with dark colors can be scary, but it is not terribly hard to get a consistent color and achieve a great result.

Bold Statements

Bold colors on statement walls is another trend that has been around for a while but will continue this year.  Bright, bold colors can bring energy into a room, but the colors are often too much when they’re on every wall. Choose one wall that you want to bring attention to, and add the bold color there. That way it energizes your space without overpowering everything else.


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