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The 3 Biggest Kitchen Remodeling Don’ts

Are you ready to remodel the kitchen? Call Albaugh & Sons!

Are you ready to remodel the kitchen? Call Albaugh & Sons!

Remodeling your kitchen seems like a fairly straightforward task, but before you begin, you should know what to avoid as well as what to incorporate into your plans. This is your chance to design the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, so make sure you plan accordingly and work with the right team of professionals who are capable of executing what you want. With these kitchen remodeling design tips, you’ll know what to avoid when redesigning your cooking and dining space.

Don’t Keep What Doesn’t Work

Consider the kitchen you currently have and make a list of pros and cons. You surely have some design issues with your current kitchen that you’d like to get rid of. This is your opportunity to take advantage of your remodeling project and let your remodeling team know what you want to be cut out of your kitchen design. When you consider what you don’t want, you can easily find ways to include what you really want.

Don’t Needlessly Hang On To Old Styles

You’re feeling in need of a kitchen update for a reason, so it’s the best time to let go of outdated trends and look to modern design blogs for inspiration. Decor and fixtures like bulky, overhead lighting and overused signage are falling out of favor. Trends now in kitchen decorating point to more sleek, more minimalist design ideas.

Don’t Lose Out On Storage

Storage is always in demand in any kitchen. When remodeling your kitchen, you can work with experts who know where to put as much storage in your kitchen as possible. Consult a team of trusted remodeling professionals to get ideas as to how you can incorporate more storage without making your kitchen feel crowded by too much cabinetry.


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