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Beautiful New Decks in New Windsor, Maryland

Create a beautiful new deck in New Windsor, Maryland, with Albaugh & Sons!

Beautiful New Decks in New Windsor, Maryland

A brand new deck installation or deck makeover can change how you use your backyard entirely, bringing new opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors in comfort and style. Albaugh & Sons is happy to bring you beautiful new decks in New Windsor, Maryland, with our quality deck designs, materials, and workmanship. Learn more about what Albaugh & Sons offers for decks in New Windsor below! 

Deck Design, Installation, and Renovation

At Albaugh & Sons, we provide quality deck design, installation, and renovation services to give you a functional outdoor living platform that complements your home and property. We will work with you to come up with a sound vision and complete your new installation or deck makeover in a timely and professional manner. Since 2003, we have become a common name in the Frederick area and surrounding areas for being a trusted home improvement company. 

Wood Decks

Wood is one of the most popular deck materials around. It is a timeless choice that will provide decades of durability and beauty, granted it receives proper care. One can choose between several wood species, such as pressure-treated pine, cedar, and exotic hardwood like mahogany or tigerwood. 

Because wood is a natural material, it is best to stain and seal it every two to three years to preserve it against moisture, insect damage, stains, and more. Over time, one may need to sand the wood or replace planks or rails. Even so, one can expect a wood deck to last for several decades and blend in with the landscape beautifully.

Composite & Vinyl Decks

Composite decks are a combination of wood fibers and plastic, creating a material that can withstand the elements even better. They can come in a variety of colors and patterns, even having the look of wood grain, and are indeed a fantastic low-maintenance deck material option. Albaugh & Sons is proud to offer Trex decking, a brand of composite decking that is resistant to insects, stains, mold, rot, warping, splintering, fading, and more. We also offer other composite deck brands.

Albaugh & Sons also builds vinyl decks in New Windsor, an option that also provides great quality, appearance, and low maintenance needs. Vinyl is a durable PVC plastic that, like composite, comes in a variety of colors to complement your property. 

Hybrid Decks

If you can’t decide between two deck materials, you don’t have to! We also design and build hybrid decks, combining quality materials for a pleasing, durable deck. One popular combination is a wood deck with a vinyl railing. Combining wood with a low-maintenance product allows one to save on costs and still get the best out of both materials.


Albaugh & Sons, LLC is known for high-quality customer service, design, installation, and maintenance. We are proud to offer all of our Adamstown, Buckeystown, Frederick, and Thurmont customers a finished product they are excited to show off. From picket fences to painting, we can help you with your home improvement project. Interested in learning more about our comprehensive range of home remodeling services? Contact us today! We look forward to giving you the home of your dreams.