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Making Your Deck Safe for Dogs

Making Your Deck Safe for Dogs

To keep your deck safe for your dogs, here is what you’ll want to do.

If you own a deck, then you’re likely going to get the most use out of it while the weather is warm and pleasant. Decks become the perfect places for hosting gatherings and lounging as long as you take good care of them. For families with dogs, however, there are a few measures you’ll need to take to guarantee their protection.

Your deck should be a place where every family member can enjoy themselves, and that includes our loving canine companions. To keep your deck safe for your dogs, here is what you’ll want to do.

Install Gates

It can sometimes be dangerous having your dog(s) trying to get on and off your deck. With a gate, you can make sure they either stay on your deck or stay off of it. Baby gates are perfect for this purpose. By controlling when your dogs are on your deck, it will give you an easier time knowing where they are, which plays a big role in keeping them safe outside.

Make Sure Your Deck Provides Shade

Summers get incredibly hot, and it can certainly take a toll on your dog. If your dog doesn’t have a chance to get inside to cool down, there has to be some way to let them escape the summer heat. This is why your decking should have a shaded spot that keeps your dog from being directly exposed to the sun. You should also keep some water available so they can stay hydrated and cool down further.

Use Paints and Stains that Are Low Odor and Low Chemical

Some people might be okay with their dogs eating while on the deck. This is perfectly fine, but only if you can prevent them from eating dangerous chemicals while they’re snacking. For this reason, you shouldn’t apply any paints or stains that contain strong chemicals in them. If you don’t know what products are appropriate, talk to either your vet or a deck contractor.

Make Sure Your Wood is Always Smooth

Splinters are a concern for both people and dogs alike. That’s why your wood should always be in good condition. If you stay on top of maintenance for your decking material, splinters shouldn’t be an issue, which will be great for everyone using your deck, whether it’s your family, your friends, or your pets.

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