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Install A Vinyl Handrail On Your Deck For Added Safety


Keep your guests safe by adding a vinyl hand railing to your deck.

Don’t you want the added space and privacy to enjoy yourself this summer? Installing a large, low maintenance wrap around deck to your property is your solution! With little upkeep, our Trex, Timber Tech, and Azek composite decking will save you precious time and money! It is important, however, to make sure your deck is safe. Wrapping a vinyl handrail around your new composite deck heightens its look, adds privacy, and prevents your guests from falling. Enjoy the fragrant Maryland breeze while lounging on your front porch deck in peaceful solitude! The benefits of a vinyl handrail massively outweigh any disadvantages. We’ll highlight these in this week’s blog so you know you’re making the right decision.

Keep Your Guests Safe!

While we design and construct our decks according to the State of Maryland’s safety codes, it’s always best to prepare for possible accidents. Adventurous deck building projects often house a lot of curves, stairways, and uneven levels. These areas can prove to be quite dangerous if protected inadequately. Your guests could easily trip and fall down the stairs, or lose their footing over uneven sections. Personal injuries that occur on your property are a nightmare. You could, legally, be forced to pay someone’s medical expenses. Taking the time to install a vinyl safety handrail is the best way to ensure guest safety. Place them in those problem areas and prevent those trips and falls!

Creating Your Own Peaceful Solitude

A vinyl handrail is a wonderful way to block out the droning hustle and bustle of the outside world. You can choose one with very little space between the rails so it’s virtually impossible for neighbors and passersby to see through. Create your own peaceful spot away from the stress and stimulation of daily life. Set up complimenting outdoor furniture such as rocking chairs, wrought-iron furniture, and side tables for enjoying beverages. It’s nice to get away! Your new vinyl handrail will give you the privacy to do so.

Vinyl Handrails Are Easy To Maintain

Vinyl is the perfect material for outdoor construction projects. The color won’t fade, and the railing requires no staining, sealing, or painting. You’ll only need to keep it clean! With a hose and rag to wipe it down, this can be done effortlessly. Installing a vinyl handrail is a worthy investment.


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If you want your very own outdoor retreat this summer with a stylish new deck, Albaugh & Sons guarantees professional installation, repair, and maintenance to keep it like new year round!

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