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How To Minimize Cupping Deck Boards

How Deck Cupping Can Be Minimized

Here are ways for you to reduce the chances of deck cupping on your property.

Have you found that your deck boards have started to twist and cup? If so, you’re not alone. Deck cupping is a common issue to have, and it’s an issue that can easily be prevented and solved. That’s why we’ll be going over possible solutions to your cupping concerns. Here are ways for you to reduce the chances of deck cupping on your property.

Get Your Deck Boards Fastened

Deck cupping can be minimized when you fasten all of your deck boards to the ground. If you use screws to safely secure your deck boards, then the boards won’t have the space to cup and become warped.

For those with boards that are already cupped, you could try unscrewing those boards, and then you can flip those boards over and screw them back into place. Make sure that a minimum of two screws are used on both sides of your decking boards. Longer screws are also preferred for an easier fastening process.

Reduce the Distance Between Your Joists

Joists should not be thought of as a sort of quick fix, but rather a long-term preventative precaution you can take when you’re getting your deck built. By reducing the distance between each deck joist, it makes deck cupping less likely since your boards are fastened in more areas.

Minimize Tension in Your Deck Boards By Creating Kerf Cuts

If you aren’t familiar with kerf cuts, they are tiny grooves you can saw into your deck’s bottom side. The cuts you make need to be spaced out evenly, but the number of cuts you make into your deck can vary.

Prevent Splitting By Using Pilot Holes

This isn’t exactly a solution for deck cupping specifically, but it will keep deck boards from getting split at their ends. This helps keep your deck boards in better shape and raises their longevity.

Put pilot holes in the same areas where screws would go, preferably at both ends of your deck boards. With pilot holes, screws will have an easier time fitting into your deck, and your boards will be less likely to split because your wood won’t be as pressured.

Consider the Quality of Your Deck’s Wood

Make sure your deck boards are of high quality if you want to minimize the likelihood of deck cupping. You’ll likely pay more for the materials, but in the long run, it will be worth the extra money you spend. A decking company can help you pick out the best wood for your deck if you’re not sure of what material to use.

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