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Before Installing Composite Decking, Consider the Following

Before Installing Composite Decking, Consider the Following

Here’s what you should keep in mind when you install composite decking.

Composite decking is an alternative to traditional wooden decks, and it is growing in popularity by the year. They are known for having fewer maintenance requirements and having no problems with warping or rotting. They can also be heat resistant, which is perfect for these summer days with intense heat.

With that said, composite decking isn’t perfect, and while we aren’t telling you to avoid purchasing composite decking for yourself, we feel it’s necessary to offer a warning on some of the drawbacks it can have. Here’s what you should keep in mind when you install composite decking.

Be Wary of Expenses

You get high-quality material when you invest in composite decking, but that means you’re going to pay a proportionally higher price. This means you need to have a little cash set aside for the installation. Fortunately, maintenance expenses will be lower, and these decks are likely to last much longer, so you’ll save money over time. However, for the initial installation, make sure you’re ready to drop a little extra money.

Not All Manufacturers Offer the Same Warranties

You’ll want to review many decking contractors before deciding who should carry out your installation. One major selling point for composite decking is a warranty. Warranties give clients extra security during the installation, but not all companies offer the same types of warranties. Selecting an item that has a fade and stain warranty is often the way to go. For companies that don’t offer this warranty, you might want to look elsewhere.

Depending on Climate, Your Boards Can Still Get Hot

Usually, composite decking does a good job of keeping itself cool, even when the summer heat kicks in. However, there are some climates that have insufferable summer heat, and not even the heat-resistant nature of composite decking can fend off the sweltering heat in those areas.

To combat this heat, the best thing you can do is choose a light color for your composite decking. Light colors reflect light more than dark colors, meaning they don’t absorb as much heat.

Hidden Fasteners Can Cause Maintenance Problems

While composite decking is more durable than its wooden counterpart, sometimes you’ll have to replace a board or two to keep your deck in shape. In this situation, hidden fasteners can become a pain. You’ll likely have to remove multiple boards before you can reach the one you want.

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