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4 Reasons to Remove the Stumps in Your Yard


Give your yard a makeover and remove those old stumps.

Perhaps you’ve had a few dead trees cut down recently, or maybe they’ve been gone for a while and their stumps are the reminder of the great Ents they once were. Maybe you’re waiting for a very old man to sit down upon one of them. Either way, it’s best that you have them removed.  

They’re a Hazard

Whether your children are running around in the yard or you are mowing it, those stumps are in the way. They’re the perfect size for a small child to trip over while playing outside. When you’re mowing your grass into that perfect tiger stripe, you may not be on the lookout for a rogue stump. You could seriously damage your mower running into one of those bad boys!

Stumps can cause new growth

A tree stump does not automatically mean that the plant is completely dead. That active stump could result in new sprouts, which act as a weed in your landscaping. The small, seemingly innocent trees can leech nutrients from other plants located near them, so your flowers or bushes may not grow to their full potential.

Insects love Stumps

Your stump will start to decay if left for a long time. This decaying process is long, and the stump will rot away for months or even years before the stump naturally settles into the earth.  While it’s decaying, the stump attracts beetles, termites, ants and other pests. While these bugs aren’t so much of a nuisance in your yard, they can eventually spread to your deck or home.

They Look Horrible

Those stumps are an aesthetic blemish in your yard. When you look out to stare at the grazing cardinals, you can’t help but look at that old stump. They’re taking up valuable space in your yard. You could have a small garden, or maybe a croquet field. Instead, you have a row of old stumps.

Skid Loading and Small Excavating

At Albaugh and Sons, we offer skid loading and small excavating services for homeowners who are looking for expert help at affordable prices. Do you want to make more space in your yard? Or maybe you want to level it out to make your yard a safer space for your children to run and play. Albaugh and Sons will not only complete the job efficiently but remove any debris or material from the space as well.


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