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Your Vinyl Fence Contractor in Urbana, Maryland

Let Albaugh & Sons be your vinyl fence contractor in Urbana, MD!

Your Vinyl Fence Contractor in Urbana, Maryland

Your vinyl fence contractor in Urbana, Maryland, is one that should be able to deliver a high-quality product and have the skills to install it beautifully and on time. Finding a vinyl fence contractor in Urbana is not as hard as you think; in fact, Albaugh & Sons is happy to be of service to you in Urbana for your fencing needs as well as many other home improvement projects. Below, you can learn more about vinyl fencing, tips for getting the best deal, and how Albaugh & Sons can be of service to you.

Why Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl fencing is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and a coating or infusion of preservative chemicals. It is different from any other type of PVC plastic in that its manufacturers design it to withstand ultraviolet light and other harsh weather elements. Vinyl is a moldable material that can conform to countless fence styles and take on different appealing colors.

The benefits of vinyl fencing are simple and abundant. First, they are very low maintenance. You will not have to worry about replacing vinyl fence posts, panels, or pickets like you might with a wood fence. You also do not need to repaint your fence, as its color is inherent in the material. At most, you can expect to wash the fence only when necessary.

That being said, you can expect your vinyl fence to last for a very long time. It provides adequate security and strength for your borders. Vinyl and composite fall in the middle range of strength compared to wood on the lower end and aluminum and steel on the higher end. Vinyl may have an overall higher upfront cost than wood, but it will pay for itself over its lifetime.

For all its practicality, vinyl is also attractive and can easily complement your home. One can find it in several neutral colors, as well as two-toned styles. Because of its moldability, you can also create custom designs without a problem.

Choosing a Vinyl Fence Contractor

A vinyl fence is a great product, but your fence contractor should be one who sources high quality vinyl fencing and provides great service. Looking at local fence companies’ websites and online reviews is a great way to get started. Asking for referrals from friends and family also helps. It may be prudent to talk with several contractors before settling on just one. While you carefully weigh your choices, Albaugh & Sons is here to help you with your vinyl fence project.

Let Albaugh & Sons Be Your Vinyl Fence Contractor in Urbana!

Albaugh & Sons works with Shoreline Vinyl Systems, located on the Eastern Shore, to provide you with excellent, Maryland-produced vinyl fencing. Our team has had the privilege of helping thousands of Maryland homeowners with their home improvement projects and is happy to serve you.


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