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Vinyl Fence Services in Libertytown, Maryland

Libertytown can rely on Albaugh & Sons for vinyl fence installation services!

Vinyl Fence Services in Libertytown, Maryland

If you are looking for superb vinyl fence services in Libertytown, Maryland, you have come to the right place. Albaugh & Sons is happy to be of service to you in designing and installing a vinyl fence according to your budget and preferences. We aim to deliver high-quality results, using reliable vinyl products and our two decades of experience in the fencing business. We look forward to helping you find and install the best fence design for your home in Libertytown, Maryland.  

Why Vinyl?

There are multiple benefits to using vinyl as your fence material that make it an easy choice for the right homeowner. If you value the durability against many different elements such as sunlight, insects, and mold that vinyl provides, you will love your vinyl fence. If you love not having to replace fence pickets, panels, or posts every few years and not needing to stain and seal it occasionally, then you will also love your low-maintenance fence. If you enjoy the beauty of a one or two-colored, neutral fence molded into a style that matches your home’s architecture, you will also find that a vinyl fence heightens your curb appeal. In summary, vinyl is a fantastic fence material for its longevity, low maintenance, and customizable beauty. 

Our Vinyl Fence Supplier

Not all vinyl fencing material is the same, which is why we have teamed up with Shoreline Vinyl Systems, which produces and distributes quality vinyl fence and deck railing in Denton, Maryland, and Laurinburg, North Carolina. Their vinyl fence products are 100% vinyl for quality assurance, created in their plant in Denton, Maryland. Albaugh & Sons specializes in these vinyl systems, having the skills and experience to install them correctly.

Vinyl Fence Styles

You know the benefits of vinyl fencing and now are ready to choose a fence style. The purpose of your fence is what will help you determine this aspect. Fence styles that we build include:

  • Privacy fence: A privacy fence comes in different variations but overall provides complete privacy between the property and outside the property.
  • Semi-privacy fence: A semi-privacy fence comes in similar styles to the privacy fence but has narrow slits allowing visibility to the other side.
  • Picket fence: A picket fence is a semi-privacy fence in a very specific, classic style. One can find many variations on the style of each panel and picket.
  • Post-and-rail fence: A post-and-rail or paddock fence is excellent for penning horses or just to border a property. It consists of fence posts connected by two or three rows of posts.
  • Lattice fences: Lattice fences are unique and provide semi-privacy. They come in plenty of styles and are quite a feature.

Our Vinyl Fence Services in Libertytown

At Albaugh & Sons, we are happy to provide you with a customized fence design and professional installation services. If you need vinyl fence services in Libertytown, remember Albaugh & Sons!


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