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Why Fall is the Best Time to Install Residential Fencing

Why Fall is the Best Time to Install Residential Fencing

There are many benefits that installing residential fencing in fall can have for you.

If you’re thinking about installing a fence next spring, you might want to consider installing a little bit sooner. Getting residential fencing installed during the fall is a wonderful idea. There are many benefits that installing residential fencing in fall can have for you.

Reduce Costs

Most residential fencing contractors are busier during the warmer months of spring and summer. To keep workers busy when the temperatures drop, companies tend to offer discounts to customers who install their fences during fall and winter.

If you get your fence in the fall, you can get a custom-made fence for the same price you would pay for a regular fence in the spring or summertime. You also have more time to work with fencing designers to find out where you can make savings because they aren’t as busy during this time of year.

Save Time

Since fencing companies aren’t as busy during the fall, it takes less time to schedule an appointment. Also, there’s a better chance a company can put a larger group together to install your fence. If you wait until spring, you’ll probably have to stay on a waiting list. On top of that, fencing companies tend to disperse their workers into multiple smaller groups when they’re busy so they can satisfy the demands of the many people racing to get their fences installed.


Between fall and winter, your landscape goes dormant, so if your project is going to affect your yard, now is the perfect time to get it done. Doing projects while your land is dormant means your land won’t get damaged as much. Also, if you plan to install new plants once your residential fencing is completed, doing your project in the winter gives you a head start getting your new plants prepared when spring arrives. If you get your plants prepared early, you give them plenty of time to situate before the brutal heat of summer kicks in and causes stress to plants that haven’t matured.

Enjoy your Yard Once Spring Arrives

Perhaps the biggest perk is that you get your residential fencing installment out of the way when it’s cold outside. That way, once things warm up in spring, your yard will be ready for use. Spring is the time to enjoy your yard, not make renovations. By getting a jump start on your residential fencing installation, you’ll be all set for any spring and summer social gatherings without worrying about house projects.

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