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Spring is the Perfect Time for Exterior Painting

Spring is the Perfect Time for Exterior Painting

While exterior painting can be done at any time, there are reasons to consider doing it in the spring.

Are you considering repainting your house? If so, spring may be the perfect time to do it. Spring is when everybody starts getting out of the house more. The weather is warmer, making it more enjoyable for outdoor activities, such as picnics and barbecues. When people are in your yard at gatherings such as these, your home’s exterior is in full view. You want people to look at your home and see something beautiful. While exterior painting can be done at any time, there are reasons to consider doing it in the spring.


Getting exterior painting done with bad weather is not a good idea. Rain, snow, and humidity can all take a toll on the outside of your home. Intense heat can cause your paint to dry too rapidly, which makes it crack and blister. Extreme cold means your paint could acquire mildew because of moisture.

During spring, however, the weather gets warmer, meaning snow is left behind. It’s the perfect time for exterior painting because the weather isn’t too hot or cold.

Your Home’s Exterior is Stressed Out

The paint along your home’s exterior can get stressed out over time. It’s likely been exposed to multiple years of intense weather, including humidity, blizzards, and high ultraviolet rays, among other weather conditions. If you don’t polish up your home’s exterior, it can sustain significant damage in the form of cracks, fading, and peeling. Applying extra paint gives your home another layer of protection against the brutal elements.

Raise the Value of Your Home

Exterior painting is a quick and easy way to bolster the value of your home and improve your curbside appeal. When homebuyers come to view your property, they hope to see a picture-perfect house, and a glossy new coat of paint makes your home stand out.

People will be curious as to what’s inside your home, giving you the chance to highlight indoor features you have. They say first impressions are important, and exterior painting is a crucial first step towards giving people the impression you want.

Free Up Your Summer

If you complete your exterior painting in the spring, it will free up your summer to do whatever you want to do. You’ll be ready to host all of the backyard barbecues and parties that pop up during the summer instead of still being in the process of painting your house. This way, you can enjoy your summer with the knowledge that your home is in pristine condition.

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