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Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures for Aluminum Fencing

Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures for Aluminum Fencing albaugh & sons

You’ll have to perform some cleaning and maintenance tasks to help your aluminum fence last and look its best.

Have you just finished getting new aluminum fencing installed? It’s great when your contractors have finally finished the project and you can start enjoying the fence you’ve been waiting to have. In order to enjoy your fence to its fullest, though, the work doesn’t stop once the installation is finished. You’ll have to perform some cleaning and maintenance tasks to help your fence last and look its best. The good news is that maintenance for aluminum fences is fairly simple, so it won’t be too much trouble. Let’s go over what cleaning and maintenance procedures you’ll need to complete for your aluminum fencing.

Simple Cleaning Tasks

It’s a simple task getting cleaning done for your aluminum fencing. Because aluminum is a material that is resistant to rusting, you can use cleaning products with some water to make sure it looks its best in the long run. If your fence gets stained, just a little dish soap with some warm water should do the trick for getting rid of them. For more stubborn stains, a bristle brush might be needed. After you’ve finished cleaning, wash down your fence by using a regular garden hose. We advise against power washers because you can cause damage to your fence this way.

Regular Fence Inspections

It never hurts to check on your aluminum fencing every now and then. See if any rails have broken. Maybe your fence and gates are uneven. You might even have broken hardware. The only way to find out is to inspect your fence, and it plays to your benefit to get inspections done because you can reduce the damage that your fence sustains when you get problems addressed more quickly. See if your fence has been damaged in any way, and if it has, you should get a fencing company to come and help you with the repairs.

Damage Prevention

It’s always best to prevent damage to your fence, regardless of the kind of fence you have. To start, keep any fence gates shut because these can swing around and harm your gate hinges and fence gate, especially when the weather gets windy.

You also want to either trim or remove plants and weeds that are near your aluminum fencing. Your fence surface could get scratched if you don’t do this. For similar reasons, make sure you remove any rocks from the vicinity of your fence.

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