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Bathroom Remodeling Tips from Interior Design Experts

bathroom remodeling

These bathroom remodeling tips from interior design professionals will set you on the right track toward your dream bathroom.

When remodeling even a small bathroom, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Even if you have a few go-to blogs for interior design inspiration, you may feel inundated with new trends and styles. Ultimately, you want your bathroom remodeling project to go smoothly while making sure the end result matches your personal taste. These bathroom remodeling tips from interior design professionals will set you on the right track toward your dream bathroom.

Think In Terms of Efficiency

No matter how big or small your bathroom is, it should be your first priority to maximize your bathroom’s efficiency. The way your bathroom space flows is integral to the overall design, so first consider your bathroom layout. What do like about your current bathroom layout is as important as what you want to get rid of.

Sink Placement is Key

If your bathroom is considerably small, sink placement is key. Top interior designers suggest small bathroom layouts place the sink in the corner to maximize space. If space is not an issue, placing a double vanity in the center of a wall is optimal.

Don’t Underestimate Lighting

Lighting is a critical design element in every room of your house, especially the bathroom. Since your bathroom is where you do most of your primping, the proper lighting is a must. Designers recommend dimmable ceiling-mounted fixture and a couple of sconces by each end of the mirror.

Treat Yourself with a Tub

If space allows, a tub in your master bathroom is the most elegant statement piece for your bathroom remodeling project. Even if you don’t find yourself taking many baths, a tub transforms the overall aesthetic of your bathroom by adding a timeless appeal.

Show-Off Your Shower

This bathroom remodeling project should provide you with the dream bathroom you’ve always wanted. The ideal bathroom has a shower that makes you feel as pampered and relaxed as if you were in a spa. Design your shower to cater to your hygienic needs while also fitting your personal style.


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