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Install Light Fixtures

Grab the attention of family and guests with new lighting in and around your home. Light fixture makeovers can be one of the simplest ways to give your space an updated feel and change the style of your home. This can have a major impact on your home’s design without a major impact on your wallet. Whether you are looking to install recessed lighting, pendant lighting, or something with tons of extra character, look to the Albaugh and Sons team for affordable installation.

Outdoor lighting is incredibly beneficial, impacting your home in several ways. It improves the home’s security strength, visual appeal, and market value. There are two main categories of outdoor lighting: landscape lighting and wall lighting. Landscape lighting beautifies your front and back yard, accentuating the key features with spotlights. Lantern lights are examples of wall lighting, and these fixtures boost the curb appeal of your home. Outdoor lighting can transform your patio space from day-to-night, giving it a romantic feel with charming string lights.