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Professional Painting Services in Bartonsville, Maryland

Albaugh & Sons is happy to paint your Bartonsville, Maryland, home!

Professional Painting Services in Bartonsville, Maryland

There comes a time in every household when the walls need a fresh coat of paint. The exterior might need freshening up, or the interior needs a new look. Either way, your home in Bartonsville, Maryland, deserves the best. If you are looking for professional painting services in Bartonsville, Maryland, Albaugh & Sons is the company to call!

Why Hire Professional Painting Services?

You won’t regret hiring a professional to do the painting for you. Painting any room or even a wall can quickly reveal how time and energy-consuming the job can be. What’s more, homes with high ceilings, multi-story foyers and stairwells, and defective drywall will need special treatment and care than you may be prepared to tackle. A professional painter can safely climb those ladders while executing the job with precision and speed. With the Albaugh & Sons team on your side, you can complete the project expertly and swiftly.

Looking for Professional Painting Services

You’ve already made the right move in your search for professional painting services in Bartonsville, Maryland, by searching online for your local painting companies. Online research is a great way to get to know different companies and what they can offer. If you need service for other home improvement projects like kitchen or bathroom remodeling, Albaugh & Sons can complete those too! Be sure to hire a company that is warrantied, experienced, straightforward, thorough, and considerate of your home. 

Choosing Paint Colors

Albaugh & Sons can recommend different paint brands and colors if you are having trouble deciding. One good way to choose exterior or interior colors is to check out what’s trending, especially if you are planning to sell. Consider the overall style of your home and what colors would suit it best. 

How to Prepare

When preparing for an exterior painting job, make sure to prune back any plants brushing against the siding as much as possible and move extra items like flower pots and furniture away from the siding as well. On the interior, pull furniture away from the wall or into another room, remove electrical outlet covers and wall hangings, and clean the walls if possible. 

Exterior Painting Services

Exterior painting services include preparation work like cleaning, sanding, and scraping the exterior and repairing any damaged parts, such as rotted woodwork. They can treat any exterior surface, including the siding, woodwork, trim, and exterior doors.

Interior Painting Services

If you need to remove wallpaper or tacky textured ceilings, Albaugh & Sons will handle it like a pro. They will also prepare your home’s interior surfaces, repairing imperfections in the drywall or plaster, scraping, and sanding. Albaugh & Sons can professionally take care of all interior surfaces, including high ceilings, interior doors, trim, cabinetry, and millwork.


Our team at Albaugh & Sons is known for high-quality customer service, design, installation, and maintenance for all fences that we build. No matter what service we are performing, we always make sure it is done efficiently and with precision. Contact us today to get started your next home improvement project!