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Service Heavy-ups

Heavy-ups are an essential part of a successful home renovation. Albaugh & Sons provides expert heavy-up services to strengthen your home’s electrical system. We’re a trusted resource for efficient electrical services and always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Our team values high-quality workmanship and transparent communication, keeping you informed every step of the way. If your home needs to upgrade its electrical capabilities, choose the team that homeowners have trusted for over 14 years. For more information about our heavy-up services, pleasecontact us today!

The Importance of Heavy-Up Services

What is the purpose of heavy-ups? After a standard home renovation, we service heavy-ups to strengthen your electrical system and help your home adapt to newfound needs. During this process, our expert team will increase the amperage that your service panel receives. This tactic ensures that your electrical system is equipped to handle increased activity without burning out.

When Do You Need Heavy-Ups?

Following a major home remodel, heavy-ups are vital to keep your electrical system up to speed. They revive and evolve your electrical system by increasing its amperage. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or building a new addition, heavy-ups apply to any scenario that enhances your home’s square footage. Similarly, heavy-ups are essential for enhancing outdated service panels and accommodating new HVAC equipment installation. Additionally, our heavy-up services are a successful tactic to solve common electrical issues in your home, including flickering lights or circuit breakers frequently shutting off.

For more information about our comprehensive electrical services, please contact Albaugh & Sons today! Whether you seek sub panel installation services or heavy-ups, our team has the skills and experience you need to strengthen your home’s electrical system. Discover the Albaugh & Sons difference! Ready to get started?