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Your Deck This Fall

Fallen autumn leaves after a light fall shower on decking

Prepare your deck for the coming of autumn.

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, you may have to think of inventive ways to enjoy your deck through the changing weather. A deck is an important aspect of your home, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of it when the temperature begins to drop. As you prepare your home for fall, read over a few of our suggestions on how to care for your deck and enjoy it all year round.

Deck Maintenance

Take a few minutes out of your day to give your deck a thorough examination. Move planters, chairs, and tables occasionally in order to avoid discoloring the decking. Check your nearby gutters and downspouts and ensure that they’re in good shape to drain water. Trim any nearby bushes or trees. Limbs and brush need to be at least 12 inches from the deck to slow mold, moss, and rot.

Early fall is one of the best times to wash and seal your deck, as it’s best to do when the temperatures are mild. This will keep the surface of your deck healthy during the rough winter months.

Add a Patio Cover

This will allow for you and your family to get more from your deck during the rainy season. Patio covers are available in a wide variety of styles, so you’re sure to find a fit that exemplifies your unique style. A transparent cover will allow some sunlight into your home, while a solid roof will protect you from falling snow or rain.

A Hot Tub

If you haven’t considered a hot tub just yet, allow yourself to think about installing one as a way to stay warm this fall. Imagine coming home from a long day being stuck inside of the office, and having the option of a welcoming hot tub. Relax with a cool beverage and enjoy the fresh air as your muscles relax under the hot water.

A Deck Heater

A simple space heater, or fire pit, can provide endless comfort for you and your family. Pull the patio furniture around it and enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire or small heater as you stare upwards into the crisp night sky.


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