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Winterize Your Lawn Now!

green grass in hoarfrost

Have you started to winterize your lawn yet?

The earlier you start winterizing your lawn, the easier it’ll be to manage when the sun finally shows her lovely face again come spring. That being said, if you haven’t begun preparing your lawn for winter yet, it isn’t too late to start. Any amount of work that you put in today will ensure less work when winter has ended. So pull on your gloves, put on your earmuffs and head outside to prepare your lawn for the winter chill!

  1. As you prepare your yard for the harsh elements of winter, safeguard only the plants that you want to keep. This means, get rid of those pesky weeds you’ve avoided removing! Perennial weeds compete for nutrients with the rest of your lawn so it’s important to remove them as soon as possible.


  1. Purchase a fertilizer formulated specifically for winterizing lawns. These fertilizers have a higher potassium content than warmer weather fertilizers. They’re designed to strengthen plants under stress. Apply the fertilizer evenly over the grass using a spreader, but make sure not to over fertilize!


  1. Refresh the lawn by aerating it. This allows air, water, and nutrients to reach down to the roots of the grass and encourages stronger and healthier growth.


  1. In order to maintain your flower and vegetable beds in the winter, it’s important to insulate the topsoil by adding a thick layer of mulch or covering the bed with burlap.


  1. Rake your lawn and continue to remove any debris such as fallen limps. That being said, over-raking can actually be harmful for your lawn. Fallen leaves have a lot of benefit to wildlife and your garden. They provide nutrients for certain organisms, increase soil fertility, reduce pollution, and reduce waste!

Skid Loading and Small Excavating

At Albaugh and Sons, we offer skid loading and small excavating services for homeowners who are looking for expert help at affordable prices. Do you want to make more space in your yard? Or maybe you want to level it out to make your yard a safer space for your children to run and play. Albaugh and Sons will not only complete the job efficiently but remove any debris or material from the space as well.


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