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What to Expect from a Residential Painting Contractor

Residential Painting

Hiring a residential painting contractor is just like hiring any other professional. You should expect professional service at an affordable price.

If you’re paying for residential painting, what should you expect from your contractor?

Hiring a residential painting contractor is just like hiring any other professional. Your contractor should be able to offer you a professional service at an affordable price. Let’s take a look at what else you should expect from a residential painting contractor.

Professional Contractors Use the Best Tools

A professional residential painting contractor will not try to cut corners by skimping on paint and tools. A reputable contractor will generally only want to work with the best quality paint. They know the quality of the paint makes all the difference, and a quality contractor wants to stand behind their work. Even the quality of the brushes and rollers makes can affect the entire project, so you should expect your residential painting contractor to work with the highest caliber of tools and paints.

Offering a Color Scheme

You’re taking a big step if you’re going from white walls to a completely new color. You may have a general idea of what you want, but you might be concerned that it won’t turn out how you envisioned. With a professional contractor, however, you can utilize all of their experience. A residential painting contractor can let you know what’s going to work and what won’t.

Preparation with Residential Painting Contractors

One of the reasons painting projects don’t turn out well for most homeowners is because of poor preparation. The average homeowner won’t take the time to set up drop cloths, protective plastic or sanding to make sure the painting project is efficient. A residential painting contractor, however, will handle every aspect of the project from top to bottom. With a residential painting contractor, you will get exactly what you want.


Albaugh & Sons is a family business that takes pride in the services we provide for our customers. We are based in Frederick, Maryland and service all of Frederick County and parts of Washington and Carroll counties. Our specialties include installing fences, decks, painting, remodeling and skid loading.


The estimate you receive for your project is not only competitive; it is extremely accurate.

If you are looking for a Residential Painting Contractor, you’ve come to the right place! Please contact Albaugh & Sons at 301-964-9379. The Albaugh and Son’s team is made up of experienced, personable employees who pride themselves on being professional and dedicated to completing every job the right way.

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