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“What Colors Should I Paint the Rooms of My House?”

"What Colors Should I Paint the Rooms of My House?"

We’re going to show you what colors you should consider using to paint the different rooms in your home.

The color you select for your room can be the deciding factor when trying to put a design together, and it can completely change the way you view your room. A room’s color scheme helps set the mood, and it makes a much bigger impact than you may realize. Taking this into consideration, you may be wondering what colors you should use to paint the rooms in your house. We’re going to show you what colors you should consider using to paint the different rooms in your home.

Consider Your Room

Some colors work for certain rooms better than others, and you should always consider how each color makes you feel. Think about how you want to feel when you enter the room you’re painting.

Bedrooms, as an example, are often meant to promote a placating atmosphere. Blue is a popular color for rooms that want to give off that feeling of peace and serenity. Note that the shade of blue you choose can also influence the way a room feels. Lighter shades of blue give off a starker and colder feel while darker shades are more comforting and inviting.

Living Rooms

Living rooms share a lot in common with bedrooms in the sense that you want to invoke a feeling of calmness and tranquility. Depending on the way your room is decorated, the color you choose to paint your living room can change. If you have any plants in your living room and you want to unwind in a natural-looking environment, you could go with a green color. Green is a color said to reduce anxiety, and it complements plants and other natural elements around your living room.


Kitchens often garner a lot of social activity, meaning they can benefit from having lively colors to lighten the mood. Yellow is a color you could paint your kitchen to help lift your mood and make the space more inviting.

You could also go with white for a more refined appearance or, if you want your kitchen to truly pop, you could go with a deep blue color.


There are many options on how to paint your bathroom. You could go with a light green tone if you want your bathroom to feel peaceful and fresh. Painting your room a light blue color can give your bathroom an aquatic feel to it. You could also use a copper-colored paint, which makes the room feel more warm and cozy.

Just be sure that the color you choose is suitable for the size of your room. Bright and dark colors can be too much for smaller bathrooms, but they can suit larger areas much better.

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