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Temporary Fencing: What Is It, and When Should I Use It?

Temporary Fencing: What Is It, and When Should I Use It?

Temporary fencing can be better than permanent fencing in certain instances.

Having a residential or commercial fence gives your property more safety, aesthetic appeal, and privacy. But what if you don’t need your fence for too long? For people who don’t need their fences long term, they can go with temporary fencing. Temporary fencing can be better than permanent fencing in certain instances.

What is Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing is exactly what you think it is. It’s fencing that isn’t permanent, meaning it can be installed and removed with ease. Usually, temporary fencing is made from chain-link panels, and these panels are supported using feet and braces instead of being fastened to the ground. People can customize their fences with various accessories for added security, including gates and handrails.

When to Use Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is best used when permanent fencing isn’t a viable option, or if you only need your fence for a short time. Here are some of the reasons people use temporary fencing.

Construction Sites

Temporary fencing is a necessity for construction sites. Construction sites present many dangers, meaning people who aren’t working on the site have to keep away for safety purposes. However, after the project is finished, the fence is no longer needed, so having a temporary fence means you can take it down the moment you don’t need it anymore.

Traveling Fairs

During summer, traveling fairs may come to town. Having fences around the fair is ideal for making admissions easier since you can stop people from entering the fair without a ticket. Fences can also help create lines for the attractions.


For big and small races alike, temporary fencing is perfect for keeping people out unless they have paid to watch the race. Fences also help to mark pathways and designate viewers to seating areas.

Weddings and Private Gatherings

Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on. For these gatherings, temporary fencing is great. Fencing has the same uses at weddings as it has in the previous settings; it can keep unwelcome guests out, and it can help guide people to the event.

Is Temporary Fencing Right For You?

We understand that planning large-scale events is not advised at the moment, and people need to exercise caution when interacting with others. To keep guests down to a minimum, temporary fencing can be a quick and easy fix.

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