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Preventing and Eliminating Mold on Your Wooden Deck

Preventing and Eliminating Mold on Your Wooden Deck

Today, we’ll look at ways to get rid of mold from a wooden deck and how to prevent future mold from growing.

If your deck is like many people’s decks, then yours is made out of wood. Wood is a material that offers a natural aesthetic, and it can make any home look better when given the proper care. One of the concerns with wooden decks is mold. Mold is a constant issue for wood, and if you want your deck to last, then you’ll need to prevent mold from growing and get rid of any mold that already exists. Today, we’ll look at ways to get rid of mold from a wooden deck and how to prevent future mold from growing.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can take care of any mold spores that have grown on your deck. Just be sure you follow the directions for how to use your pressure washer. When misused, a pressure washer can cause damage to your wooden deck, so just be careful when you’re handling one.


Water and bleach is a tried and true mold-removing combination that has withstood the tests of time. Not only is it an effective solution, but it’s also one of the greener options available for combating mold.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when mixing the solution together, then apply the solution to the surface of your deck. Lastly, use a hose to rinse your deck down.


When you want to clean your wooden deck, waiting for a sunny day is often advised. Sunlight helps to dry the surface of your deck, and mold will not thrive in a dry environment. You’ll get better results when the weather gets warmer, and the heat of the sun is more intense.

Mold Prevention Tips

Something key to keep in mind regarding mold prevention is that you have to control the amount of moisture on your wooden deck. Mold thrives in dark, damp places. This means you have to minimize how much moisture your deck experiences. Fix water leaks when you notice them. Have proper airflow throughout your house. Watch your wooden deck more intently after it has rained or snowed. If you’re addressing problems as they pop up, mold will have a much lower chance of being able to grow.

You should also use a preservative that is water-resistant to keep your deck in good shape even when damp conditions introduce themselves. You should apply this preservative a few days after you have used a detergent to clean your deck. Do NOT mix bleach with detergents that have ammonia because they make a poisonous gas when they combine.

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