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More Possible Deck Defects and Solutions

deck defects and solutions  albaugh and sons frederick md maryland

The only thing is that you have to care for your deck if you want to get the most out of it.

As we continue our way through the summer, many people are making the most of their time by enjoying the features they have outside. For some of you, this may include a deck that you have. Decks can be the perfect setting to do anything from hanging out with friends to hosting parties to simply relaxing after a long day. The only thing is that you have to care for your deck if you want to get the most out of it.

Decks aren’t invincible by any means. They can suffer defects if you don’t perform regular upkeep on them. We’ve discussed some possible defects that decks can have already, but we feel it’s important for you to know what else can happen if you aren’t careful. Watch out for these possible deck problems!

Cracked Concrete Piers

If you have a deck that is elevated, it likely has wooden posts that are on concrete piers. It’s up to you to monitor these piers to make sure that they haven’t started cracking or crumbling. Also, you want to measure your piers’ diameters. Each pier should be triple the width of the post in order to offer sufficient support for your deck.

For decks that are closer to ground level, you’ll probably have concrete blocks holding them up. Check underneath your deck to be sure nothing is out of place or damaged. If you notice damage, you might have to get your decking jacked up and get temporary bracing until you can get proper supports installed.

You Have Bad Beams

Unless your deck is incredibly small, there should be big horizontal beams on your deck’s piers or support posts. These beams are vital to your deck’s structural integrity because they are what keep all of your floor joists supported.

Because of how integral your beams are to your deck, you should check on them and see if they have developed any water damage or cracks. You also want to see if they are fastened tightly to your posts’ or piers’ tops. Examine your beams to make certain that they don’t sag underneath your deck’s weight.

If your beams are sagging, you’ll need to install some supports to help shore them up. Beams that are made from untreated lumber will have to be kept at a minimum of one foot above ground level.

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