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Deck Installation: Adding Steps To An Existing Deck


Adding well-lit deck stairs to an existing design is perfect for the creative, versatile use of your outdoor space.

Adding tiered levels to your deck gives you the opportunity to create a versatile, functional outdoor space. With multiple levels, you’ll have more space for those adventurous deck design ideas. Steps also add safety and reduce the likelihood of injury from tripping over an unmarked, raised deck level. With handrails on each side of your new staircase, your guests will appreciate your safety efforts. In this week’s blog, we’ll go over the many benefits of deck installation, specifically adding stairs to an existing design. 

Your New Stairs Are An Accommodation

When installing your new stairs, you’ll need to make sure they’re wide enough to accommodate your guests. Stairs take a considerable amount of foot traffic, and nothing is more dangerous than a staircase that’s too narrow. You don’t want people bumping into each other when descending steps. A crowded walkway increases the risk of injury. We recommend  having a staircase installed that is at least 48 inches wide to account for high foot traffic. Your stairs should accommodate the guests in your home, not complicate their maneuvering.

Light it Up!

Adding LED lighting to each stair warns your friends and family of a possible hazard. It is the equivalent of marking a curb with red paint to protect pedestrians from harm. They’ll also draw attention to your pre-existing deck and make it sparkle with eye-catching aesthetic. Light up that dark and dangerous path with safety lighting to warn guests before they trip and fall. You could be held liable for any injuries that take place on your property.

Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

Building a new deck staircase greatly increases your creative deck design opportunities. Multiple levels allow for a cohesively versatile design. Revamp the top level of your deck, closer to the kitchen, into an awesome outdoor dining space with weather-resistant furniture and an umbrellaed table. Transform the middle level, leading to your living room, into an equally relaxing lounging space featuring a jacuzzi and plush seating. Your ground level could house a fully-functional outdoor kitchen with a bar, plenty of counter space, refrigerator and grill. With each level safely leading to the next, with wide, well-lit staircases, the creative possibilities are endless! Take advantage of them today.


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