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Knowing When a Decking Contractor Can’t Be Trusted

Knowing When a Decking Contractor Can’t Be Trusted

Keep reading to learn about signs that your decking contractor isn’t trustworthy.

Are you in the process of finding a decking contractor? If so, then you know that it can be a highly stressful process. You need to know that the decking contractor you hire is trustworthy so that your installation goes as smoothly as it can go. Unfortunately, not all contractors can be trusted with such a project. The good news is that there are ways to tell when a contractor shouldn’t be trusted. Keep reading to learn about signs that your decking contractor isn’t trustworthy.

They Look for Upfront Payment

You don’t want your decking contractor to leave you before they’ve done any work, but that might be what they do if they are given payment upfront. Now, it is common for even trustworthy companies to ask for a small payment before they start working, but the amount you give them should never exceed a fourth of the total project cost. Keeping this in mind, if your decking contractor asks for a disproportionately high payment upfront, it’s better to look elsewhere for service.

They Need Payment in Cash

Cash payment is undocumented payment. For an untrustworthy contractor, this can be good for them because there aren’t any fees or taxes incurred on the money that they make. For you, though, this is far from good because your contractor will likely not come back to help you if anything goes wrong after your decking project is done. You need to have payment records in order for any claims to be defendable in a court setting, and it’s the only way to make sure your contractor can’t just take your money and leave.

They Don’t Have Any Bad Reviews

Wait, why would you want a company to have bad reviews? While this may sound a bit controversial, it’s actually suspicious if a decking contractor doesn’t have a single bad review. This means that they’re only letting you see some of the reviews, and you’re not getting the full picture.

A truly trustworthy contractor will let you see all of the reviews they get. Every company gets unhappy clients from time to time, so it’s only natural that a bad review would pop up occasionally. With that said, as long as the majority of reviews are positive, you should be fine.

Also, it’s okay to inquire about a bad review. A contractor that’s worthy of your trust will acknowledge this review and use it to help prevent issues from happening during your project.

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