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How You Can Repair Cracked Paint On Walls

How You Can Repair Cracked Paint On Walls

Here is how you can deal with cracked paint that is on your walls.

While painting can be a great way to improve the look of your surfaces while giving them much-needed protection, it can’t be denied that there are many ways painting jobs can be compromised. One such way to have a painting project go wrong is by having cracks. Many factors can cause this to occur, such as water damage, insufficient preparation of the surface, or because the paint has gotten old. Regardless of the reason, you don’t want your walls to have cracked paint, and the good news is that it’s possible to resolve this issue. Here is how you can deal with cracked paint that is on your walls.

Taking Care of Smaller Patches of Cracked Paint

Smaller patches of cracked paint are the most likely to be found around the house. Fortunately, they are also simpler to fix. Since the cracks are smaller and don’t cover the whole surface, it won’t be necessary to repaint the entirety of whatever surface was affected.

Instead, take a scraper and use it to remove the paint from the affected spot. After that, sand down whatever loose paints are left. Put some patching material on the surface and give it sufficient time to dry. Lastly, rub down the surface with sandpaper to give it that smoothness you’ll need before repainting it.

Dealing With Widespread Cracks

If you’re dealing with more widespread cracking, it can be a serious issue. Even if certain spots haven’t started cracking yet, it’s likely that they will start to crack before long. This means your best option is to remove all of the paint from the surface and apply a fresh new coat.

If you see large patches of paint coming off at once, it’s possible you could scrape large chunks off. Chemical paint removers and mechanical sanders are options for you if the patches aren’t as large.

One thing that’s important to discuss is that older paints could possibly contain lead, and it would be dangerous to scrape this off yourself. This is when getting professional help will be necessary.

Keeping Future Cracks From Happening

You don’t want to deal with more cracks down the road, so here’s what you can do to prevent more cracks in your paint.

  • Use paints that are compatible with whatever surface you’re painting
  • Remove all of the grease and cracked paints on your surface before you start painting
  • Don’t paint during intense heat or cold
  • Don’t dilute any paints too much

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