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How to Know Your Deck Needs Repairs

How to Know Your Deck Needs Repairs

If you aren’t sure if you need to repair your deck, here are some signs that it’s getting close to that time.

Having a beautiful deck on your property is a wonderful thing. You have the perfect place to unwind after a long day, hang out with friends and family, or host parties and other events. However, your deck has to be safe to use, and that’s why you need to inspect it regularly. If you aren’t sure if you need to repair your deck, here are some signs that it’s getting close to that time.

Wood Support Posts and Beams are Starting to Rot

Wood rot is something you never want to see around your house, and your decking is no exception. If you don’t address this issue, it won’t be long before the structural integrity of your home is compromised. Most decks are built on concrete footing, which falls in compliance with today’s building regulations. However, older decks might be rested on the ground. This results in your decking absorbing moisture from the ground, which can accelerate the rotting process. To ensure things don’t get out of control, inspect your deck every few months to see if the posts are rotting.

Footings Are Heavy or Dropping

Concrete footings can often be used to raise your deck’s structural integrity, but they aren’t the perfect solution all of the time. If your deck’s footings were poured on soil that has shifted over time or was otherwise unstable already, the concrete could drop or crack. Alternating between cold and warm weather can also impact concrete footings because the freezing and thawing cycles could make your concrete heave and drop if your footings weren’t poured deeply enough.

Your Deck is Cracking and Splintering

Cracked and splintered boards can pop up from time to time, and it’s not a big concern if it’s only a few boards that are impacted. However, a decking repair may be necessary if nearly every board on your deck seems to be deteriorating. Painting and staining can help your wood last longer, but eventually, the weather will do too much damage. It’s up to you to determine when the damage has become too great.

The Deck Hasn’t Been Maintained

Home maintenance is an ongoing chore, and the number of tasks to get done can quickly get out of hand. Decks that don’t receive the proper maintenance won’t last for too long. That’s why we recommend getting an inspection from a professional deck contractor. They can tell you if your deck needs any repairs, or if you need to replace your deck entirely.

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