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Deck Maintenance Services in Maryland

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Need repairs?

“Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.”- Kurt Vonnegut

Luckily for you, Albaugh and Sons specializes in deck maintenance services. Not only will we build you a beautiful deck, but we’ll be there to ensure that you and your family can enjoy your deck for years to come.If you haven’t taken advantage of our deck maintenance services yet, here’s why you should.

Post-Winter Maintenance

The winter weather was harsh on your deck. Rain, sleet, and snow gathered up on its surface and even penetrated the wood. A storm may have caused visible damage, or maybe damage that you haven’t even noticed yet. Before you plan the first spring grill out, ensure that your deck is safe for you and your guests to enjoy.

Every Deck Needs Maintenance

Regardless of the climate or type of material your deck is made from, it needs to be maintained. Some materials may be best suited for the deck you desire, but all decks are under constant attack from the elements.

Sealing/Staining Ensures Longevity

Once the deck has been thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry, a sealant or stain needs to be applied. This protects your deck from moisture and UV rays, typical of a hot Maryland summer. Staining is also a great way to give your deck a fresh look.

Call Albaugh & Sons for Deck Maintenance Services!

When doing your research on Albaugh & Sons, you’ll find they match up to top-quality privacy fence company criteria, and even go beyond it! With impeccable testimonials, a stunning portfolio, and the guarantee that your job will be completed at the BEST quality, you don’t need to look elsewhere.

Our maintenance services for decks include cleaning, water sealant application, and staining. In addition to making your deck look clean and inviting, these services also prolong the life of your deck.

Albaugh & Sons specializes in commercial and residential fence installation and repair, among other fence services installation, and has the right tools and professionals for your fencing job.

CONTACT US online, or give us a call at 301-964-9379 today to start your project!

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