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Colors You Should Paint Darker Rooms in Your House

Colors You Should Paint Darker Rooms in Your House

If you’re struggling to decide which colors to paint your darker rooms, here are some suggestions.

If you have a new house or are renovating an old one, you might be trying to breathe new life into the different rooms of your house. Each color has different uses, from reflecting light to setting a mood, and the color you use will ultimately differ with each room. If you’re struggling to decide which colors to paint your darker rooms, here are some suggestions.

Suggestions for Low-Light Rooms

For dark rooms, you often want to paint the walls with bright, vibrant colors. These will often be warm colors that help bring more life to the room. The colors also have to be more saturated because there isn’t as much light that can reflect off the color. There are a couple of colors we recommend for these spaces.


You can go with lavender to make a dark room feel brighter. This color works in many spaces and can be paired with neutral colors if you want a sophisticated feel to the area. For more playful appearances, you can match lavender with pastels.


Yellow can be used to mimic the feeling of having natural light in the room. However, it’s important to have sufficient artificial lighting to pull off this look.

Light Blue

Light blue is great for bringing brightness to dark spaces. It’s especially great to have when you can pair it with white accents. Light blue is often used in areas such as the bathroom.

Bright Orange

Bright orange may not be the first color that comes to mind when deciding how to paint your room. However, it can be pulled off under the right circumstances. This color is best used in places where people gather, such as the dining room or kitchen. You also want to complement the orange paint with dark wood details to achieve a sleeker look. You’ll want to use more or an apricot or tangerine orange to paint your walls because brighter tones can become overwhelming and distracting.

Soft Gray

You may be surprised to see gray as a suggested paint color for brightening up dark rooms, but it can be surprisingly effective. Light and medium shades of gray are preferred to brighten up your living space, sometimes complemented with a small amount of extra color to achieve a more warm and inviting feeling.


Pink is a color that will instantly brighten up any area, and the color offers a lot of personality. We recommend more subtle tones to avoid being overwhelming. That said, you can use more bold shades of pink. However, if you do, you should use it on accent walls because these brighter shades of pink can make rooms feel smaller as long as you paint all walls in the room.

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