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7 Safety Precautions To Take When Decorating This Holiday Season

Woman cutting paper into snowflake designs

This holiday season, put safety first!

Decorating the house is a holiday tradition. Every year the twinkly lights become brighter and the inflatable snowmen become bigger. Homeowners everywhere compete for the most elaborately ornamented house on the block, going to extreme measures to win the title. This holiday season, think twice before you climb onto the roof to achieve the perfect placement of the icicle lights.

Consider Tree Safety

Whether your family participates in the tradition of cutting down wild ferns or assembling a plastic one, that new living room centerpiece needs to be handled with care. With real trees, avoid purchasing the ones with shedding or brown bristles, as they’re more likely to catch fire. Place your tree away from fireplaces and heaters and know where the fire extinguisher is kept in the case of emergency.

Avoid Fragile Ornaments

If you have breakable ornaments, keep them out of reach of pets or children. Fragile ornaments can break easily and are quick to become harmful to little ones. Opt for plastic, non –breakable ornaments instead.

Double Check the Lights

After you’ve untangled the bird’s nest of lights, check their safety first. Replace any lights with frayed wires, broken sockets, and loose connections.

Regard Ladder Safety

When stringing lights, work as a team and enforce the buddy rule when using a ladder. Someone should be holding the ladder at its base while you climb to the top to ensure that it doesn’t slip.

Prevent Electrical Cord Damage

Avoid using nails, tacks, and anything that might damage the cords in any way. Hooks or insulated staples are a safe way to hang holiday decorations.

Keep Candles Secure

Ensure that any of your festive or religious candles are secured on a sturdy base to prevent tipping. Never leave a candle unattended, even if secure.

Beware Poisonous Plants

Department stores love to sell poinsettias during the holidays. While beautiful, these colorfully festive plants are poisonous when eaten. So if you’ve got pets or curious little ones, it’s best to steer clear of them.


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