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4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Wooden Fence this Spring

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If you feel like your wooden fence is in need of a spring makeover, here are some creative ways you can add some flair to your fence.

Now that the last of the snow is out of the way, spring weather is finally rolling around. Your mood is instantly improved when the days start getting warmer as well as longer, so why not translate that good mood into your outdoor space. If you feel like your wooden fence is in need of a spring 2018 makeover, here are some creative and fun ways you can dress up your yard by adding some flair to your fence.

Think Color

Chances are that your fence has a wood stain that you’ve used as a sealant, which works very well. But if you’re bored of that common wood stain look, why not opt for some color for your wooden fence? If you have a bold personality and aren’t afraid of color, choose something that matches your personal style and tastes. If your garden is already very bright with different kinds of flowers and plants, choose a more neutral color for your fence.

Incorporate Vines

Incorporating vines into your wooden fencing is a great natural way to make your fencing more interesting. Plant perennial vines alongside your fencing, and allow the vines to take over. The best way to go about this is by using a trellis along your fence and tying the vines to the trellis using dental floss.

Add Planters

Planters are another great way to add green to your fence. Any outdoor landscaping shop should sell planters that can be easily attached to a wooden fence. Pick your favorite plants that grow well in small planters, and line your fence with them. If you like this aesthetic enough, you could even try turning part of your fence into a “living wall” that is covered in beautiful plants.

Embrace the Earth

Moss is usually thought of as a pesky garden growth, but its rich, green color can enhance the look of your fence. All you have to do is buy some moss from a local nursery and create a moss solution that you can spread onto your fence. You can even shape the moss into letters and spell words out along your fence.


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