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4 Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Follow these four tips to make your bathroom remodel perfect.

You’ve decided you want to spruce up your old bathroom into something completely new. There are a ton of ways to go about this–a fresh paint job, a couple of added features, maybe even custom cabinets. We’ve discussed some of our favorite bathroom remodel trends of 2017 before, but what about the basics? There are a few things everyone should consider when pursuing a bathroom remodel, so we’ve outlined a few important ideas.

Framing Up Mirrors

Making that old mirror of yours look lively might seem difficult, but it’s actually pretty easy: just frame it up. Adding a frame around the border of your mirror is an easy but effective way to highlight the mirror and make it a centerpiece of the room. It’s also nice if you’ve got an older mirror and the edges have started to flake or fray; all you need to do is place a frame around your mirror and it’ll look brand new.

Tiling Made Easy

Changing out your bathroom’s tiles is a great way to breathe new life into your space. Your bathroom will feel clean and fresh in ways you haven’t known since you first moved in. It’ll also give you a chance to rethink your bathroom’s entire direction; is there something you want to do with color that you couldn’t have done with your old tile? Redo it all!

Upgrades to The Toilet

Replacing your entire toilet could be costly. Instead, consider just replacing the seat and lid. It can give you a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Plus, you won’t have to pay a plumber if you’re only replacing the seat and lid.

Think About Plumbing

Speaking of plumbing: it can get costly. It typically costs around $5,000 every time you move a plumbing fixture. If you can use existing plumbing and piping, you won’t have to worry about those costs. Try not to relocate utilities like the toilet or bathtub if at all possible.

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