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4 Basement Remodeling Trends You Need To Know

4 Basement Remodeling Trends You Need To Know

Whether it’s pure comfort, entertainment, or working out, you can design a remodeled basement to fit your family’s needs.

The basement is a room that can really make the entire house. People remember if you have a great basement, and that would mean you also have a comfortable spot for yourself. If you don’t leave that impression or you don’t feel this level of comfort, then you should consider investing a remodel. The basement remodel can go in a variety of directions. Now more than ever, you have plenty of options to dissect and choose from, which is never a bad thing. Whether it’s pure comfort, entertainment, or working out, you can design a remodeled basement to fit your family’s needs.

The In-Law Suite

This design depends on your family dynamic, and if you frequently have visitors. A popular trend is to create room in the basement for an in-law suite, giving you an added dimension to the area. The in-law suite allows you to have extra space for guests, and sometimes you can make it feel like a second home.

Open Floor Plan

In many homes, the basement has sections that are walled off. It’s a common design, and it has its merits as well. The open design brings a fresh look, and it really allows every piece to work harmoniously. Each area feels connected as one. Especially for basements that aren’t as large, the open space works gives off the appearance of a larger room.

The Media Option

Creating a personal media center is a trendy choice, especially with the technology available today. A choice must be made though: do you want a media room or a theater room? A media room is versatile, and generally a social space where you can watch movies/TV. A home theater room is just that, a replication of an actual cinematic experience. A theater room comes equipped with specialized seating, lighting and sound. The media center may be the way to go if you’re looking for an open setting.

Personal Bar

The personal bar (or pub) goes along with the idea of an open design, as it perfectly complements the layout. The bar is great in multiple ways, because it gives you an additional entertainment feature, and you have a designated spot for parties.

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