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New Vinyl Fences in New Market, Maryland

Build your new fence with Albaugh & Sons in New Market, MD!

New Vinyl Fences in New Market, Maryland

If you are looking for a new fence in New Market, Maryland, you are in the right place! Albaugh & Sons serves the greater Frederick area and is happy to help you design and install the fence of your dreams. While multiple fence materials can make a statement, vinyl stands alone as a worthy contender for multiple reasons. Below, you can learn more about installing vinyl fences in New Market and how to get started.

Knowing Your Goals

The first step in building a new fence is to know your goals. What would you like your fence to do for you? A fence’s main purpose is to provide security for your borders. However, it can provide differing levels of security and can also add privacy if you prefer. 

Another aspect to think about is the cost and the maintenance you are willing to put into your new fence. The fence can cost more or less upfront, but even if it has a higher upfront cost, it could be worth it to you in the long run due to its low maintenance needs. For example, lumber requires sealing once every few years and possible part replacements, but vinyl, composite, and aluminum do not need these things.

Before embarking on building new vinyl fences in New Market, MD, take care to take your time to clarify your vision for what you want in a fence.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Vinyl fences have multiple benefits that make them unique compared to wood, composite, or aluminum. Compared to wood, vinyl can be more expensive but its maintenance costs are far less. Vinyl is multiple times stronger than wood and will not crack, warp, splinter, or rot like wood can. Vinyl consists of PVC plastic treated against UV light and other harsh elements. 

Compared to composite, vinyl is typically a little less expensive and will expand and contract less. Composite fencing will expand and contract more due to the wood fibers within it, but vinyl will remain completely sturdy.

Aluminum is a material for ultimate security fencing, but if you are merely looking for a residential or commercial border that requires little maintenance, then a vinyl fence will do just as well.

Vinyl fences also are very stylish; their flexible material makes it possible to form them into practically any fence style imaginable. They are also available in multiple attractive colors, and one can create a two-colored fence.

The Albaugh & Sons Process

Albaugh & Sons will make the entire vinyl fence installation process as smooth as possible. We will perform an evaluation of the site, present a competitive, honest quote, and work with you to design a beautiful fence. Next, our professionals will complete the project swiftly and let you enjoy your brand-new vinyl fence.


Albaugh & Sons, LLC is known for high-quality customer service, design, installation, and maintenance. We are proud to offer all of our Adamstown, Buckeystown, Frederick, and Thurmont customers a finished product they are excited to show off. From picket fences to painting, we can help you with your home improvement project. Interested in learning more about our comprehensive range of home remodeling services? Contact us today! We look forward to giving you the home of your dreams.