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What to Avoid Doing to Damage Your Deck

What to Avoid Doing to Damage Your Deck

We will be going over what you should never do to your deck so that you can make it last.

It’s important to prioritize regular maintenance when you have a new deck so you can keep it around as long as possible. When you do this, you prevent it from sustaining damage from standing water, and you stop fungus, mold, and mildew from developing. However, there are even more steps needed to keep your deck in good condition, as well as what to avoid doing to compromise it. We will be going over what you should never do to your deck so that you can make it last.

Allow Damp Leaves to Accumulate On Your Deck

With fall almost upon us, we will soon have leaves cascading the surface of our yards. While it’s perfectly natural for them to find their way onto your deck’s surface, that doesn’t mean you should leave them there. Eventually, it will start to rain, and when it does, the leaves on your deck’s surface will absorb and retain moisture with ease. They will then transfer that moisture to your deck, causing it to steadily deteriorate. This can cause an array of problems, ranging from simple ones such as stains to more severe problems such as the development of fungus and mold.

Use Chlorine Bleach

Some people may be tempted to use bleach to combat stains, but this can cause severe damage to your deck. Cleaners that use bleach are highly corrosive to wood, causing your deck’s surface to discolor. Non-toxic cleaners are the way to go to avoid this problem. If you don’t know which cleaners are ok, you can check the bottle of whatever cleaner you’re considering. Avoid using any cleaner that uses “sodium hypochlorite” in it.

Let Rust Build Up on Anything Made of Metal

Many decks make use of metal furniture, and it’s not always a bad idea. However, if you use metal furnishings, you run the risk of our furniture developing rust stains. Sometimes, rust stains may be hard to find until the damage is already done. Because of this, you need to take exceptionally good care of anything metal on your deck, wiping everything down thoroughly. Some homeowners take the extra precaution of placing felt pads underneath metal furniture specifically so that rust stains are less likely to develop.

Using a Power Washer

Wear, tear, and constant sunlight all take their toll on the surface of your deck. But, there is another way to cause damage to your deck’s surface, and that is to wash it too thoroughly or too often.

Many homeowners like the idea of cleaning their decks with the help of a power washer. The problem is that these washers will likely cause wood to start splintering or open up spaces in your deck that will allow mold to grow. Avoid using too much force when cleaning your deck if you don’t want problems like these to occur.

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