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Ways Your Fence Can Be Impacted by Rain

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Fences can handle many different weather conditions, but rain can wear your fence down over time.

If you live in Maryland, you have likely experienced a lot of rainy weather. Rain is expected in this area and impacts many aspects of people’s outdoor landscapes. One such area that gets impacted is your fence if you have one on your property.

Fences can handle many different weather conditions, but rain can wear your fence down over time. Today, we’ll review how rain affects your fence and how to keep too much damage from piling up.

How Rain Affects Your Fence

Many wooden fences are pressure-treated, which helps them raise their durability. However, for fences that are untreated, it’s easier for the rain to wear them down and cause damage.

Rain will eventually cause your fence posts to start rotting, which will weaken them and compromise your fence’s structural integrity.

When your fencing becomes damaged enough, repairs aren’t usually sufficient, so you’ll have to get a new fence if you notice this much damage. However, a better method than replacing your fencing is preventing the damage from happening. So how do you prevent rain damage from developing on your fencing?

Tip 1: Use Pressure-Treated Panels

For most fencing panels, timber tends to be the most popular option for creating them. It’s a flexible option with a relatively high durability level. However, it isn’t without vulnerabilities, and if you want your panels to be even more durable, you should get them pressure-treated. Pressure-treated wood will have more preservatives in it, which will make it more resistant to rotting.

Tip 2: Get Capping Rails and Post Caps Installed

Wood is vulnerable to water, and when rain piles onto your fence, the wood material will inevitably absorb it. If you install capping rails and post caps, you’ll help ensure that water doesn’t stay in close contact with your fence for too long. By keeping your fencing drier for longer, you can help combat any problems with water damage that it may have.

Tip 3: Have Gravel Boards Installed

You have to monitor more than the fence itself. The ground can also cause problems, especially if the rain has been pouring extensively. However, if you install gravel boards, your fence will be protected from the incredibly damp ground. These boards function as a barrier that prevents fencing from being exposed to water.

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