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Steps to Follow When Sealing Your Deck

Steps to Follow When Sealing Your Deck

In this blog, we will show you what steps to follow when waterproof sealing your deck.

Decks go through plenty of ordeals throughout their lives, enduring tough weather conditions and handling large volumes of foot traffic. Even the toughest decks out there will eventually get worn down, and you want to take a moment to provide a little extra protection for your deck at one point or another.

One way to do this is by waterproof sealing your decking. In this blog, we will show you what steps to follow when waterproof sealing your deck.

Get Rid of Debris

Before you apply any sealant, make sure you have a clean and dry deck. A broom is the preferred tool for cleaning up all of the dust and debris that has piled onto your decking over time. Take note of any signs of damage on your decking while you sweep. These spots have to be repaired before you start waterproof sealing.

Fix Wood

Next, you should fix up any damaged spots your decking has. This includes splitting or cracking wood, as well as dealing with any nails that are sticking out. Nails that simply stick out can be hammered back down, but you should replace broken ones. If you have rotting decking boards, you should replace those individual boards.

Deep Clean Your Deck

If a regular cleaning isn’t enough, a deep cleaning may be in order. Many people turn to power washing, but be aware that softer woods can be damaged this way, like pine and cedar. Go with a low setting for water pressure so that you don’t cause any splintering or etching in your deck.

Let Your Deck Dry

Decking should be allowed to dry for no fewer than three days. This allows the sealant to be applied effectively to the surface. Checking the weather is important because you’ll have to delay the sealing process if it rains since your decking won’t be dry at that point. Even more, waiting time will be needed for decks that reside in the shade.

Select a Sealant

Whatever sealant you pick should be appropriate for where you live and the material you use for your decking. You should also think about how each sealant makes your decking look.

Consulting a professional decking company is a safe and reliable way to ensure you get a sealant that works best for your situation.

Apply the Sealant

Once you’re certain that no rainy weather will be an issue, you can apply your new sealant. Painter’s tape should go on the siding first, as well as other spots you don’t want affected by sealant.

A paint brush should be your tool of choice for applying this sealant, and you should wipe up whatever drips come up while the sealing process is going on.

Give your sealant enough time to dry, and then put on a second coat of it. After the second coat has dried, you’ll be good to go.

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