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Selecting The Right Height For Your Fence

Selecting The Right Height For Your Fence

It’s important to think about why you’re having the fence installed, what the central purpose will be, and the style you’d prefer.

Residential fencing is something every homeowner should consider. Not only does it add to your overall curb appeal, but it adds value to your home. One of the primary factors you need to figure out is how tall or small you want your fence to be. It’s important to think about why you’re having the fence installed, what the central purpose will be, and the style you’d prefer. The height of your fence can be telling. If it’s much taller than the average fence, perhaps you want it for security purposes. If you desire a much shorter fence, that could be a stylistic option to entertain.

Privacy Fences

Having a privacy fence installed is a great option, and if you opt for a taller fence, this is probably your best bet. You’ll want to make sure you’re in regulation with any codes or the homeowner’s association, because a privacy fence can easily bring you more safety. Rather than having neighbors sneak their eyes into your yard, you now have have a shield essentially. It also brings you more security to ward off any potential intruders.

Front Fences

A fence in the front yard will typically be shorter than the average height. This is where the classic, all-American white picket fence would come into play. This is a fence that would strictly be for a design purpose. By installing a small fence in the front yard, you’d be upgrading the aesthetic appeal of your home. This addition isn’t meant to completely enclose your home. Instead, it actually comes off as nice complementary feature.

Considering Animals

If you have a pet, or if you’re trying to keep stray animals out of your yard, it’s something to consider when choosing the height of your fence. A big dog, for example, would require the installation of a fence that is larger in height. Six feet is the standard size, but make sure to consult your fencing contractor to find the ideal height.

Fencing Installation With Albaugh & Sons

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