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Pros and Cons of Going With An Aluminum Fence and Gates

Pros and Cons of Going With An Aluminum Fence and Gates

An aluminum fence and gates have their pros and cons.

There are many fence choices out there today, and while having options is great, it can make it more difficult to choose which fencing material is best. There are a lot of factors to juggle, such as budget, availability, and your personal tastes. You also want to think about what purpose your fence will serve. Will it be used mainly to boost curb appeal, or will it provide more functionality to your home? A popular option for people to choose is an aluminum fence and gates. An aluminum fence and gates have their pros and cons.

Pro: Minimal Maintenance

Going with an aluminum fence and gates means that you have almost nothing to maintain. While not quite maintenance-free, this still makes this option significantly more convenient. You still have to touch it up whenever it gets scratched down to bare metal. If you don’t, the fence can corrode, which lets dirt get behind the coating near the scratch.

However, the structure will never get compromised, which is more than can be said for steel and iron fences.

Con: Security

An aluminum fence and gates helps make your home more appealing, but it isn’t necessarily the best at keeping out intruders. They can be disassembled with ease, making it easy to walk through the structure. Facing your screws inward can help, but these fences are still not the best in terms of security.

Pro: Appearance

Aluminum fences were designed to replicate the look of steel and wrought iron fences. It’s these types of fences that have been around for decades, and they never go out of style. They have a timeless appearance that can boost the curb appeal of anyone’s home, whether you live in a traditional home or a more modern one.

Con: Strength

An aluminum fence and gates make for a lightweight structure. Being lighter makes it weaker than other fences that are available. They are often more fragile than their wrought iron and steel counterparts. This is especially important to keep in mind if you think your fence will need to take some abuse. Perhaps you have children who will be kicking soccer balls at your fence. Maybe you’re worried about people climbing over your fence and bending it. Before you install an aluminum fence and gates, you need to be sure that it won’t take too much abuse.

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