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Know Your Frederick Pool Fence Regulations

Considering having a pool built to enjoy this summer? The Frederick County Department of Permits and Inspections requires protective fencing be installed around residential pools to help eliminate the risk of drowning. Pool fence regulations exist to ensure a safe swimming environment on your property, so it is important to follow these regulations.pool-fence-regulations

This blog will cover the basics of these regulations regarding pool fences. If you have any questions, Albaugh & Sons is happy to help you with installing a pool fence that abides by these regulations.

Important pool fence regulations

In Frederick county, the following pool fence regulations apply to all residential pools, hot tubs and spas:

  • Height: Pool fences should be at least 48 inches (4 feet) tall, with no more than 2 inches between the ground and the bottom of the fence.
  • Space between pickets/panels: Spacing between the fence pickets or panels should be less than 4 inches from picket to picket.
  • Solid barriers: If a solid fence is installed, such as brick or masonry, should not have protrusions or indents.
  • Horizontal rails: If the pool fence has horizontal rails, and the distance between each rail is less than 45 inches (3 feet 9 inches) they should be on the side (pool side), not the outside.
  • Chain fencing: Chain link fencing mesh size should not exceed a 4-inch square opening.
  • Lattice fencing: The openings for lattice fencing when used as a pool fence should not exceed 1 ¾ inches.

Regulation compliance

These are the basic pool fence regulations, but there are many rules to consider. This is why it is best to consult an experienced fencing contractor for pool fencing needs, rather than trying to do it yourself. A contractor, such as Albaugh & Sons, will make sure your new fence is installed correctly, and within up-to-date regulations, so you can have peace-of-mind and simply enjoy your pool!


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