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Keeping Your Fence Protected Against Rain


Keeping Your Fence Protected Against Rain

Here are protective measures you can take to ensure your fence is ready for whatever rainy weather comes its way.

Spring has arrived, and with it, warmer weather is now greeting us nearly every day. With that said, April showers are now going to be arriving too, and if you’re trying to maintain your outdoor landscape, you need to be prepared for this rainy weather. Your fence will be one of the areas that rain can damage if you don’t take precautions ahead of time. So how do you protect your fencing from the rain? Here are protective measures you can take to ensure your fence is ready for whatever rainy weather comes its way.

Use Pressure Treated Fencing Panels

Fence protection starts during the installation process. By making your fencing out of pressure treated panels, your fencing boards will have high durability, and they will have preservatives put inside of them that help resist rotting.

Add Capping Rails and Post Caps

When rain falls, it’s bound to pile onto the top of the fence. This will cause your posts to start absorbing moisture. To keep your fence from absorbing too much moisture from rain, capping rails and post caps go a long way. They’ll keep a lot of the water away, meaning that rotting is much less likely to happen. Just make sure your capping nails have gotten treated using end coat.

Have Gravel Boards Installed

It’s not just the top of your fencing that’s put at risk during rainy weather; the very bottom of your fencing can also be compromised if water is allowed to pool. This is where gravel boards come into play. They serve as a barrier that keeps the bottom of your fencing panels from being harmed by the damp soil underneath. This way, water exposure is kept to a minimum.

Think About Where Your Fence Posts Go

Consider the condition of your landscape when getting fence posts installed. You don’t want your posts installed in places where flooding is a strong possibility. Instead, try to find a spot that won’t be as susceptible to damp conditions.

If there is nowhere in your yard to combat rainy weather, think about getting post concrete. Your posts need to be at least two feet buried into the ground if you’re going to do this. This way, your fencing will have the safe foundation it needs, allowing it to withstand whatever weather conditions Mother Nature wants to throw at it.

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