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How You Can Paint During Humid Weather


How You Can Paint During Humid Weather

Here is what you can do if you want to paint during humid weather.

Weather plays a large role in many aspects of our lives, and painting is one of those activities that is heavily impacted by weather conditions. One of the general rules of painting is that you shouldn’t try to do it while the weather is humid, at least if relative humidity exceeds 85%. However, there are actually ways for you to paint even when the weather is humid. Here is what you can do if you want to paint during humid weather.

Clean and Dry Off Spots That You Want to Paint

A problem with various wall surfaces, like metal, stone, and wood is that water can get stuck inside of them. If water gets stuck in your walls, it’s more likely that your building will develop mold problems. Painting during humid weather will only make this a more likely problem for you.

To minimize the chances of mold development, get your walls cleaned and dried off ahead of time to reduce the amount of moisture on the surface.

Use Products That Are Suitable for Humid Weather

Avoid using solvent-based paints because they don’t hold up well during humid weather. Latex-based primers tend to be an ill-advised option too.  Instead, you want to opt for a product that fares better under humid conditions.

Paint During Early Morning

It’s best if you paint during the early hours of the day. Latex-based paints have water as a solvent. While the paint dries off, water leaves the film, and a hard-wearing coat remains. The water needs temperature and humidity to evaporate effectively. When temperatures go up, humidity drops, which makes it easier for water to evaporate from your coating. If temperatures start to go down, refrain from painting for the time being.

Trail the Pattern of the Sun

There should be a method to your painting. First, you should paint spots that have already been exposed to sunlight but are no longer exposed. Then, follow the path of the sun, making sure to paint spots on your surfaces after they have been hit with sunlight.

Make Sure your Primers Are Able to Dry Completely

Primers should always be used as instructed by their manufacturers. Make sure you give them the time and circumstances necessary to dry as they should. Only after that will it be okay for you to start painting on your surfaces.

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