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How Often Should Exterior Painting Be Done For Your House?

How Often Should Exterior Painting Be Done For Your House?

Find out how often you should get exterior painting done for your house.

How will you know the right time to get your house’s exterior painted? To get a general idea, there are some indicators, including chipping paint. However, some signs are less obvious, but they can still cause problems if left unaddressed. Regardless, exterior painting needs to be done eventually to handle these issues. But how often should it be done? Find out how often you should get exterior painting done for your house.

Keep the Material in Mind

Exterior painting will need to be done at different times, depending on the surface that needs to be painted. If you have wood siding, painting between 3 and 7 years is considered a good idea. Wait for four years if you have a stain instead.

Aluminum siding should get painted every five years. Paint on bricks will last a long time, up to twenty years in fact. But if bricks aren’t painted, you just have to clean them on occasion.

How Can your Paint’s Durability Be Affected?

Your paint is going to face some adverse conditions that can impact its durability. Any of these conditions could cause you to have to paint your home’s exterior sooner than expected.

Sometimes, the prior paint job could not have been done well. If there’s already paint on the surface, there are many factors at play that influence longevity, such as the paint’s quality, the number of coats that get applied, and what type of paint gets used. The higher your paint’s quality, the longer it should last on the surface.

Weather will also play a monumental role in determining how long your paint lasts. Hot climates without a lot of shade for your house can result in your paint bubbling and fading incredibly quickly. Other climates, such as ones that experience strong winters and plenty of humidity, can make your paint age sooner than expected.

How Can You Be Sure Your Paint Lasts?

When you’re ready to begin your exterior painting, you have to take a few precautions to help the paint last as long as it can. Firstly, treat any areas that are impacted by mold, cracking, or rotting. Setting up new paint on a bad surface will shorten the longevity of the paint. The surface on which you paint needs to be clean and dry before you start.

You should also keep the temperature in mind. You’ll want a temperature no lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and no higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a primer before you paint can help get the surface ready so that you’re left with a finish that looks a lot smoother in the end.

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