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How Autumn Leaves Can Damage Your Fencing

How Autumn Leaves Can Damage Your Fencing

Here are some of the ways leaves can put your fencing at risk.

There’s something alluring about autumn leaves. They come in many beautiful colors, and there’s fun to be had playing in them if you choose to make a pile of them in your yard. But not everything about leaves is glamorous. Leaves can take a toll on your fencing if you aren’t careful. Here are some of the ways leaves can put your fencing at risk.

Water Retention

If left alone, water will often evaporate from your fencing before long because your fence is exposed to the air. Leaves can hold onto water more easily, so there’s a greater chance of your fence sustaining water damage. Sometimes, insects can be attracted to the extra moisture and cause additional damage. Excess water is most problematic with wooden fences.


As we mentioned previously, insects often get attracted to leaves because of their ability to retain water. Sometimes, they will use the leaves as a hiding place while they bury into your fencing. This is dangerous because you may not realize that your fence is being damaged at first since the fence is being attacked from the inside out. If you keep your fence clear of leaves, you’re doing your part to keep insects away.


Whenever it rains, leaves that are along your fence’s edge will make water splash up a little. This causes some dirt to accumulate along the bottom of your fence. While the dirt can seem harmless, it will gradually cause damage if you aren’t careful. If you don’t keep leaves off of your fencing, you’ll have to clean it more often to keep dirt from causing damage. Getting rid of leaves means you won’t have to perform as much upkeep to maintain your fence’s structural integrity.

Poor Drainage

Leaves can be a burden on your drainage system because they can cause blockages. If water can’t be kept away from your home, water may start to accumulate in places where you don’t want it to be. Sometimes, puddles of water can start to develop around your fencing. Fences made of certain materials, like wood, can be put in danger if exposed to water. Your fence could warp or rot, which will require you to replace it entirely. Avoid wasting all of that time and money by keeping leaves out of your drainage system from the start.

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