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How a Composite Deck Could be Damaged


How a Composite Deck Could be Damaged

Find out about the ways a composite deck could get damaged.

Composite decking can be a great addition to any home. It can provide homeowners with extra outdoor living space, making it the ideal place for people to socialize or simply unwind after a tough day. Unfortunately, there are some factors that can cause a composite deck to get banged up. You want to keep your deck in the best condition possible, so knowing what could cause damage to it can help you take proactive measures towards protecting it. Find out about the ways a composite deck could get damaged.

Wet Metal Items

Do you have anything metal on your deck? If so, you need to keep these items dry. If metal items on your composite deck remain wet for too long, it will cause your deck  to develop rust stains. Rust stains become practically impossible to get out once they’ve gotten deeply into your deck, so you need to prevent them from developing in the first place.

Damp Lawn Debris

Sticking to the theme of wet items, debris from your lawn also can’t be allowed to stay wet on your deck. If you have wet lawn clippings, leaves, or other types of natural debris on your composite deck, they can become the perfect breeding ground for mold. Much like rust stains, removing mold stains becomes a near impossible task after they develop.

Power Washing

Some people may try cleaning their composite decks by using a power washer, but we don’t recommend using one. The problem with power washers is that they can apply too much pressure to the surface of your deck. This causes your deck to get scratched, and sometimes, the material can open up completely. You could cause various problems to occur with power washing, such as mold development and deck splintering.

Using Metal Shovels to Remove Snow

While winter is a long way away, you need to think long-term when caring for your composite deck. Another way your deck could be damaged is by using a metal shovel to get rid of snow and other types of debris. Metal can easily scratch the surface of your deck, so instead, you should stick to either a broom or plastic shovel, and be gentle when using these tools as well. You want to shovel in a way so that your shovel remains parallel with your deck boards.

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