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Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before Installing Your Privacy Fence

Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before Installing Your Privacy Fence

Think about these four questions before you have a privacy fence installed.

When you step into your yard, you may notice how lovely your lawn looks, or the different accessories you may have around the yard. One of the less appealing things you might see, however, is all of the prying eyes of neighbors watching from their windows. It can make you wonder: “Who’s watching me?” or “What do they think I’m doing?”.

This can make a person feel vulnerable, which shouldn’t be how you have to feel in the comfort of your own home. A great solution would be to have a privacy fence installed. But there are things to consider before you go through with the installation. Think about these four questions before you have a privacy fence installed.

What Does The Fence Need To Screen?

A privacy fence isn’t the absolute highest form of security against intruders. It’s merely a screen, designed to provide cover to block your yard from glaring eyes. With that in mind, you’ll want to know what your fence needs to cover.

Do you want a simple border to keep pets and young children safe? Do you want a privacy fence screen put around the yard for having pool parties without others being able to peer at you from afar? You’ll need to know what you want to cover and why you want it covered before you consider your fence’s design.

Are There Rules I Need To Follow?

While you may view your home as a private area where you can escape the stresses of your day-to-day life, you have to remember that there are still rules you have to follow when building a privacy fence. These rules can vary depending on where you live.

Before anything else, you’ll need to check with your local property owners’ association if you have one. Getting in touch with them will help you get an understanding of what types of fences you’re allowed to install on your property. For those who don’t have a POA, contact your local government to see if there are ordinances about privacy fences. You wouldn’t want to go through the ordeal of planning and building your privacy fence just so you can be told to get rid of it. Not to mention you would have to pay a fine.

What Is My Budget?

A privacy fence is going to come at a cost. The question becomes: what cost are you willing to pay? Depending on the amount of money you want to invest, the number of options available to you will change. It will also be important to factor in any complications that could happen during installation in case things go wrong. If you don’t factor in issues like these, you’re going to be in trouble when these problems arise, and more often than not, they do.

What Material Should I Use For My Fence?

Privacy fences come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are made from many different materials. Different fences have different lifespans, maintenance demands, and durabilities.

Wood is cheap, but it requires frequent staining or painting to help it last against the elements. Aluminum isn’t the most appealing to the eye, but it requires much less maintenance, doesn’t rot or rust, and can be cleaned simply by using a power washer. A vinyl privacy fence offers great durability, and aren’t susceptible to bleaching or fading from sun exposure.

A privacy fence isn’t just installed; they’re also maintained. You need to take both steps of the process into consideration to be sure you make the right choice.

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