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How To Defend Your Deck Against Termites

How To Defend Your Deck Against Termites

Termites can cause an excessive amount of damage to your property, whether it’s your roof or the deck in the backyard.

Can you imagine being a termite? You’re put on this earth with no real clue, except that survival means feeding on dead plants or wooden material. The only problem with this is that humans run this place, and well, we aren’t exactly fans of termites (brutal hand to be dealt). It’s a tough situation for those who are team termite, but we have to get rid of them, and we need to protect against them. For example, your deck is an easy target. Termites can cause an excessive amount of damage to your property, whether it’s your roof or the deck in the backyard. Due to this fact, it’s important to be proactive when caring for your deck and lawn. There are ways to avoid this problem. Don’t let yourself be included in statistics for those impacted by termites.

Be Aware Of Moisture

This is very similar to the ways in which you care for your basement. Like the basement, it’s important to keep water free from the area. Termites will pounce on a spot that is heavy in moisture. By consistently taking the time to stain and waterproof your deck, you’ll be taking a necessary step in avoiding damage.

Consider Pressure Treated Lumber

The beauty in pressure treated lumber is that it reduces the risk of termite damage while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing visual. With this type of lumber, the wood is made to hold up against the elements and fight potential termite access. Through this preservative process, your deck could last substantially longer than usual.

Composite Decking

If you’re looking for the easiest solution to a termite problem, look no further. With composite decking, you take away any and all risk that would have been there with a wooden deck. The only fault is that you may lose the pure elegance of a wooden deck, however, that’s easily minimized with the features provided. By going the composite route, you won’t have to worry about the termites. Not only that, but there’s much less maintenance involved with this type of material.

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